Our StaySafe Initiative

Great news in our nations fight against covid-19 with the latest guidance from the CDC issued for those 2 years or older stating masks or social distancing are no longer necessary indoors in public places as long as you are up to date on your Covid-19 vaccines. In general, the CDC states people do not need to wear masks when outdoors unless they deem it necessary in areas of substantial or high transmission or when in sustained close contact with other people, particularly those with weakened immune systems or at risk for severe disease or not up to date on Covid-19 vaccines. Click the next 2 links from the CDC for additional information re: Wearing Face Coverings and being up to date with vaccines. NOTE: Vaccination cards showing up to date Covid-19 vaccinations will be required by the guests of the Dor Cros Inn and/or Island Rides Bicycle Rentals in order to not have to wear masks in our indoor spaces wear other guests are allowed.

Our mission for the Dor Cros Inn & Island Rides Bicycle Rentals during these unprecedented times remain the same as it has been for the past 20 plus years of ownership. Provide a fun, relaxing & safe environment while offering the best possible getaway for our Island Guests. 

Following recommendations made by state and local officials are the best ways to implement our "StaySafe Initiative". We look forward to a future unencumbered by threats to the health of our staff and those we serve. Working toward that future will require the gradual adoption of new business practices that reflect the evolving reality of the COVID-19 pandemic and our success in mitigating the effects of this unprecedented global health emergency. 

To assist us in answering your most FAQ we referenced the following link Focus Forward and other Federal, State and Local authorities listed at the bottom of this page for these new "Best Practices & Safety Tips".

Due to the almost seemingly everyday changes to "Best Practices & Safety Tips" when it comes to fighting the coronavirus (Covid-19) for Wisconsin's lodging industry you are encouraged to bookmark the following link and check back to it regularly as Wisconsin's Businesses' main source: Focus Forward and we will do the same. 



Your Hosts,
Laura & Cory Anders

Answers to your frequently asked coronavirus (Covid-19) questions:

What type of check-in, check-out process is the Dor Cros Inn offering it's guests with safety in mind for this season?

We strongly encourage our Guest(s) to reserve and pay online by clicking the "Cabin Reservations" icon from our menu choices: We are only offering a self-check in at this time through our new Mobile App.  It is a contactless check in procedure. This process will allow you to check in, pay your bill & check out through your smartphone. 

Masks or neck gaiters are required in our office at all times for those who are not up to date on vaccinations. The interior office bulletin board will have an island map with pre-marked sites and a sheet with restaurant hours along with island WiFi hotspots to take a photo with your smart phone. 

NOTE: Although with the latest guidance from the CDC stating masks or social distancing or no longer necessary for people who are up to date on covid-19 vaccines masks or neck gaiters will be required in our office at all times unless you present a vaccination card showing you are fully vaccinated. If you haven't been fully vaccinated but are medically exempt from wearing masks or neck gaiters a face shield will be required. We do provide hand sanitizer in our office area. 

Our staff will be observing Social Distancing Guidelines as set by the most recent CDC guidelines and we will ask the same of our Guest(s). If we've hugged or shook hands in the past please don't be offended when we refrain this season. We only do this out of respect for your safety. Fist bumps are all the rage now. 
Note: The management reserves the right to ask Guest(s) who are not complying with our property's rules and regulations, including those involving social distancing, to vacate the premises.

We request that all parties checking in at our office wait to enter if another party is being helped already. If applicable please wear your face covering if you cannot keep the recommended 6 foot distance from another non-related Guest(s) while waiting. We recommend texting or calling 920-847-2126 from our parking lot once you arrive for the best possible instruction.

If you feel the need to cough and/or sneeze while on the Dor Cros Inn premises and do not have tissue please do so into your elbow.

Will we be required to wear masks or face coverings while at the Dor Cros Inn or Island Rides Bicycle Rentals and how are Island restaurants, shops and stores addressing this situation?

While at the Dor Cros Inn in situations where the 6 foot Distancing cannot be achieved such as check in or general office assistance our staff will be required to wear them and we ask our Guests to do the same including with other non-related Guest(s) unless you have presented your vaccination card detailing up to date vaccinations. Distancing at other times should not be a problem since our property is located on 2 acres for a maximum 28 Guests. If you are medically exempt from wearing a face mask or neck gaiter a face shield will be required unless you have presented your vaccination card. We ask all guests to sanitize their hands with our automated hand sanitizer located just outside the entrance to our office. 

With the latest guidance from the CDC stating masks or social distancing or no longer necessary for people who have been fully vaccinated it will be up to each establishment.
Note: Children under 2 years of age should not wear face coverings, per CDC guidelines.

Will we or your staff be required to wear gloves?

In general, rather than wear gloves, we will wash our hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and have a hand sanitizer station available for staff and Guest(s) in our office along with a no-touch disposal receptacle.

Will it be required to have our temperature taken with one of those touch-less forehead thermometers and do you require this of your staff?

We will not be taking temperatures.

Note: If you are feeling any of these symptoms after making your reservation with us please refer to the "Extenuating Circumstances Cancellation Policies" within this page. If you are feeling any of these symptoms while staying elsewhere in Door County prior to your stay or after your arrival at the Dor Cros Inn and/or Island Rides Bicycle Rentals please call 920-746-3700 to be screened for testing.

In the past we have made several trips to the Island for rental of your bikes from Island Rides Bicycle Rentals. Your staff has always been so kind as to pick us up at the Ferry Dock for the 1.5 mile trip back to your lodging place free of charge. Will this service continue?

Yes with a few changes. 
Your driver will be wearing a face covering unless fully vaccinated (card avail upon request) and we ask all passengers to wear them unless vaccination card has been presented. If you are 16 or older and have enjoyed the trip from the bed of our transport truck this practice will still be allowed under the same restrictions as the interior of the cab. 

Note: Check with the CDC for age appropriate guidelines.

Will Social Distancing be observed at the Dor Cros Inn for lodging and bike rentals?

Yes is the short answer. We all have been informed over the past couple of years on proper social distancing so we ask our guests to police themselves for the comfort of all Dor Cros Inn Guests. Also our cabins all have private entrances and have dedicated parking for each accommodation. 

Taking care of our Guest(s) for Island Rides Bicycle Rentals will be conducted the same as our lodging side of the business taking care of one party at a time. So coming early and making a reservation the day prior is strongly recommended to make the most of your Island Adventure. 
During our busy times we will have sanitized numbered cards so you can just kick back and plan out your day while you wait to hear your number. Of course these new processes will consume more of your time then usual and we do apologize but the upside is you will be breathing in relaxing Island fresh air while you wait. 

Note: The management reserves the right to ask Guest(s) who are not complying with our property's rules and regulations, including those involving social distancing, to vacate the premises.

Is the Dor Cros Inn and Island Rides Bicycle Rentals planning to have signage advising Guest(s) of safe practices while staying in your accommodations or renting Bicycles?

Besides having access to this page via your tablet, laptop or smartphone 24/7 (depending upon your data plan) we will have updated signage or a flyer listing safe practices posted in our office. We always recommend checking back to this page for review or the latest updates. 

What kind of cleaning/disinfecting practices can we expect while lodging or renting bicycles with you?

The Following is what you can anticipate:

  • First we will be adding a minimum of 24 hours in between for a Guest's accommodation if she or he has been reported to have Covid while having stayed with us. Our local health officials have advised opening all windows and a minimum of 3 hours in between Guests. Our cleaning staff will wear the proper PPE while cleaning all accommodation.
  • Your accommodation will be cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival and not be entered again by our staff until we've been notified of your departure. Except for extended stays which the Guest(s) would have to leave the accommodation during cleaning.
  • Besides our usual thorough cleaning-practices we will disinfect/sanitize all touchpoints in each of our 8 accommodations. These touchpoints include but are not limited to door handles, television remotes, clocks, thermostats, coffee makers, light switches, ceiling fan pull chains, counter tops, handles, knobs, toilets, and faucets.
  • Disinfect/sanitize with a prepared bleach solution of 5 tablespoons (one-third cup) bleach per gallon of water for non-food contact surfaces. 
  • Disinfect/sanitize with a prepared bleach solution of 1 teaspoon bleach per gallon of water for food contact surfaces
  • Our bicycle equipment for Island Rides Bicycle Rentals including helmets will be cleaned/disinfected in the same manner described above as far as the touchpoints except a solution spray of no less than 60% Isopropyl Alcohol will be used as the cleaner/disinfectant.
  • For our accommodations with kitchen facilities it has always been recommended by the Wisconsin Public Health and Services that Guest(s) rewash their accommodation's dishware and silverware before first time use. Each accommodation is provided with dish washing liquid and additional is available upon request. Hot as possible water without causing personal injury is recommended.
  • We will provide disposable cups for accommodations without kitchen facilities.
  • Towels, linens, and all bedding will be laundered on the warmest appropriate water setting and dried completely after each Guest(s) stay. Blankets and/or comforters should be laundered after each Guest stay. 

If you require anything such as clean towels during your stay you only need contact us either by texting or calling 920-847-2126during our regular office hours (9-6 daily central time).

How Can we as Guest(s) support your business other than coming for an Island visit?

You can purchase emailed or mailed Gift Certificates in increments of $50, $75 or $100 for friends, family or business acquaintances for lodging or bicycle rentals, for this season or next, for a birthday or wedding present or just for the plain heck of it. 

We have had some of our Guest(s) recommending contributions through a "GoFundMe" page. We are looking into this option but in the mean time a purchase of one of our Gift Certificates helps us immensely while offering someone else a chance to get away for a while.   

Linked Sources for our "StaySafe Initiative" page as of Friday, May 08, 2020: WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Door County Medical Center and Door County Public Health. We also used guides developed by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) in consultation with the Departments of Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, and Tourism, as well as industry experts and associations. We encourage you to stay up to date with these organizations for further updates. 

If you have a question we have not addressed and/or comment please email us at: info@dorcrosinn.com 
We participate in regular update calls and visual meetings with state and local authorities, Door County Medical Center and Door County Public Health to ensure that we are following the latest guidelines. The Dor Cros Inn has been here since 1938 as a lodging place for Island visitors and with your continued patronage we plan to get through this.

Lodging available by Memorial Weekend and bicycle Rentals possibly sooner. Give us a call 920-847-2126 (phone hours 9-5 daily central time) or email us at info@dorcrosinn.com with any questions. 

Be Safe...Be Well...Come See Us on the Island when you're Ready.

Your Hosts,

Laura & Cory Anders
Dor Cros Inn & Island Rides
Bicycle Rentals on Washington Island
in Door County, Wisconsin USA


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