Island Rides Electric Bikes

3 seasons ago we added these beautiful pedal assist retro style E-bikes to our ever growing variety of rentals. Never ridden an E-bike worries...a brief tutorial is always included by a staff member before each ride.

Our E-bikes can do up to 20 mph but don’t be nervous…you have to be pedaling 20mph…remember if you don’t pedal the E-bike won’t assist. 

We know we could have gotten you a ride with a throttle but there’s one really good reason we are a bicycle rental shop & not a moped rental shop so at the end of the day you can say ...."I did a pedaling, eating tour of the Island & it was a wash"

These retro styled E-bikes are also 7 speed geared bikes with beverage, sunglasses & cell phone holders along with baskets having a limit of 5 lbs. of Island fudge.

Call us to reserve your Island Electric bike 920-847-2126

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